March 19, 2005

Basic Etiquette??

This happened today morning on my way to work! I stopped at starbucks to grab a cup of commonly seen in NY,it was run by Bangladeshis..It so happened that one guy over the service counter spilled a cup of coffee on the handbag of a caucasian female cutomer.She asked for clean up towels but the guy didn't bother a bit to say SORRY and went on to attend other customers..Uhh..i heard a load of Ghaalis from her..and finally she said.."if u dont know english..get out of my country".
Heights of Frustration...

Yeah..i agree with her but should not these guys know basic etiquette??

I always thought as how it felt when someone spoke in a language that you dont understand? Enga office-la 2 northie guys yelling at each other "Abbey gandu..lunch jaana kya?" I was there and could see others blinking eyes with confusion as why these guys yell all the time??

Doesnot it all run to Basic Etiquette?


Harish said...

All my Marathi and Telugu friends blame tamilians dont have the etiquette to talk in English when they are around.

Kangs(கங்கா) said...

Harish.. you too right..

But, it is problem with total Indian community.

Prabhu.. me to in NY.. Staten Island.. How about meeting one time?

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The Last Blogger said...

I wont generalise it to any specific community. Suffice to say, all Asians (the entire continent) need to learn the etiquette a bit better. It looks bad, coming from anybody.

Boston Bala said...

Asians in general tend to talk in their local tongues... very true observation.

JohnnyDakota said...

Good manners are just good manners, no matter where a person comes from. Everyone needs to try harder at being good people to others around them.

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