March 21, 2005

A Blog ??Whatz that??

Last weekend i was on my "TRING TRING" publicity mission.I was calling my cousins and friends here to let them know about my new "Venture".
First call to me Cousin : Anna, I am a Blogger now...He probably heard me as saying "block" or so..and he told me to download google "pop-up blocker".(He is my computer's doctor).I told him about my Tring Tring...Huh..he said he has not heard about such a terminology.(Coz i think he works for TCS..jus' kidding).

Next to my akka: "Neeyuma..vetti pasanga velai"..Ok Ok..appuram I talked about my India trip..Bye akka..

Next to my friend :She said..Yeah,i read in news that someone got fired blogging during office time.i dunno much about it..unakkum Ok Ok..bbye.

I'm sure none of my friends would know about blogging as they are not in computer field..

Alright..After a "deep thinking" i was wondering about the usefulness of blogging..
You write about everything and anything ,about you, your family,location,etc etc..but what about the Privacy??

Any answers ?? Thanks...


sophie said...

my mom people waste time and earn money and u waste money and spend ur time....abt blogging LOL ;-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I agree to your point on Privacy.

I feel that people in the Computer Industry know a little bit more about blogging.

Honestly I didn't know about this until I read about KIRUBA in HINDU.

Blogging is interesting, gratifying and also a big stress reliever I thought.!! You pour out your heart and feel light.!!

Murali said...

Blogging definitely improves the quality of ur english language.

There were days at school when ENGLISH was more of " baaye haath ka khel" for me.

But only after i started blogging did i realise how bad my english is. I keep referrring dictionaries, thesaurus..etc and as the process continues u r bound to get more IN2 the language

Praveen said...

Edhu thevai-o adhu mattum dhaan blog pannanum. We obviously are not going to let out details which must essentially be kept private...for eg enkitta oru gal vanthu propose panna adhu ellam solla maataen blog-la ;)

I guess it does help to spend ur vetti time usefully and also get friends :)

KL said...

Blogging is good - you can make friends, know about other cultures, languages, etc. Hmmm... about the privacy issue. I also think about that. But, then I wonder why I should not let others know about my opinions and discuss with them. There's nothing wrong about that. In fact, we are constantly doing that, especially if you are someone famous and needs to write articles, appear on TVs, radios, etc (ha!ha! I'm dreaming about becoming one such one day and thus practising by blogging....LOL...)

Adaengappa !! said...

Thanks for the positive suggestions/comments folks!!
Guess i should remember always
" Work while you work -Blog while you play and dont mess with each other" ..

your akka said...

about your comment about software engineer not know about blog terminology...

Blog, web page creation and all that stuff is for those who are non-computer people thinking that they are learning computer..:)

Real professional work real software problems and solutions for telecom protocols and stock market world, health insurance and Data base and what not which you guys dont understand. REAL software people dont spend their time on BLOG.....:)

ioiio said...

Exactly I agree with praveen.. We can blog what we want to reveal..

Obviously no one's gonna talk abt their first night experience in the blog..

Even if ppl wanna blog abt that.. there are thousand ways to do it.. One simple way I know is password protection!

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