March 16, 2005


Over the last weekend, I and my friend were on "India shopping" spree..
We stopped at GAP store and my friend picked few shirts ranging about 70 USD. But,when i looked at the collar label, it said "MADE IN INDIA" !! I asked my friend if it makes sense by taking the "Indian made" back to India and Would anyone belive if you say you got the shirt in US??
He argued "its GAP, its GAP ". And he finally went ahead and picked a couple of them!!

Oh boy, Come on!!I just dont understand the craze behind picking a brand label.WHEN YOU CAN GET THE SAME STUFF IN INDIA, WHY CARRY FROM HERE ??..

Btw, I have rarely seen something that said "MADE IN AMERICA"

Related to this incident, can WALMART be aptly called CHINA MART ?? As a matter of fact, almost 90% of American consumer needs are taken care of China..


sophie said...

LOL good stuff!!

Kaps said...

Ambattur Clothing (manufacturer of Color Plus brand ...but they have sold the brand to Raymond) does supply to leading US brands like GAP, Banana Republic, DKNY etc. Who knows, this might be made in Chennai.

KL said...

And, you know what - I found out last summer, while visiting home, that these shirts or other products cost less in India. And, you are right - Walmart should definitely be called ChinaMart :).

Thanks for stopping by my blog :):).

Praveen said...

My cousin did that once...Shampoo vangittu va da-na, Sunsilk Shampoo made in India vaangittu vandhaan from Singapore...anga adhu 300 bucks, inga 150 bucks dhan :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Just this morning my daughter showed me the tag of a dress she bought from Wal-Mart. It was Made in India.

But ..while I was in India, I went to buy pencils..and believe me, when I asked for which is a better brand, they showed me one..made in Germany!. Whatever happened to Camlin / Nataraj etc..etc..I thought.

Adaengappa !! said...

SOPHIA:Thanks for stopping by..Keep visiting!!

Sambhar mama:Thanks for the info..

KL:Thanks again for the info..Apparels seems good and lots of varieties back home than here!!

Praveen:It happens dude!!

Narayanan Sir:Ikkaraiku akkarai patchai..ennanga panrathu??
Thanks for visting !!

kichami said...

Adengappa Prabhu:In the last two paragraphs U have yourself provided the answer inUr penultimate para.There is nothing American except things like nabisco etc.We should be happy that Indian goods are slowly finding their way here to compete with china, mexico,japan etc.We will wait and see,There was a real life joke in Bombay in fifties.
Articles made in Ulhas Nagar near
Kalyan had the stamp:-"Made byU.S.A
with the 'by' in microscopic letters and they were sued in court by Octroi Commr for misleading the people.They were all displaced Sindhis in small business with Govt help.
The lawyer for the manufacturers
argued that it was not United States of America but made by" UNITED SINDHI ASSOCIATION"

Adaengappa !! said...

Kichami Sir,
That was real cool one!!
Thankyou for stopping by..
Ungal Aasirvathangal enaku...

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