March 16, 2005

Good luck Manoj!!

Yo Yo all,
Dis is ya boi, newbie Prabhu,da playa of da TRING TRING..bloggin'to wish mah homie MANOJ goodluck n best wishes as he takin'up a new job at Mumbai.He a recent passout IIM grad.
Imao health care professional and i ain't know nothin about computer applications and codes.Manoj introduced me to bloggin' world and taught me few basic codes for real..
and into Tring Tring..Thanks Yo!!
Aiight Aiight y'all..enjoy yo day and keep sendin' comments to dis brutha for real.


KL said...

Good that Manoj introduced you to blogging. Nice blog. So, you are getting lots of traffics for Russell Peters, but who is he??

Adaengappa !! said...

Thanks for dropping by KL:
Russell Peters is an Indo-Canadian comedian and his shows are always sell out ones!
You can scroll n look for his 45 min nonstop hilarious clip in my blog..ENJOY!

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