March 25, 2005

Welcome WEEKEND !!

Hey Hey !! WELCOME WEEKEND !! The whole of last week was kinda busy and hectic .(Probably am reading too many blogs nowadays..LOL).I just want to relax and charge myself for the week ahead..Yet, i plan to do a couple of Important things..Its long time i did this dance.Me gonna try out this with my friends. And if time permits,me gonna read this hilarious online magazine .
ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND !! Posted by Hello


Praveen said...

Andha vaanathu paarthu annandha paduthuttu irukkarthu neengala :D

kichami said...

Hi Prabhu: The 123 G makes a funny view and it is O.K as long as U take it in week-end mood but there is a message there.3 times U utter a word U confirm it.3 times U say 'Sleep' then the tummy says, 3 times" IGROW IGROW and IGROW!
Sleep should never be less than 5 hours and never more than 8 Hrs depending upon age

Adaengappa !! said...

Dear Kichami sir,Thanks for ur advice..I should say,my thoppai increases in size after i came balanced food,no proper eating times,grab n gobble up..ellam bachelors life..have to start my yoga n kundalini again..
Thanks again!!

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