March 18, 2005

தமிழா?? தமிழா !!

This happened a few days ago.
I called to wish my cousin that is appearing for his HSC exams.He told that he was preparing for his language paper.I told him to focus more on Tamil grammar and to ask his mom if he got any doubts in it.He laughed at me and said that he has opted for French.I was taken aback by his response. The irony is that my Chitti is a Tamil professor with Doctorate in Ancient Tamil epigraphs(கல்வெட்டு)of Tanjovore!!
My chitti stopped short of lashing out those politicans for raking up ruthless issues to save Tamil language for political gains.She told about those dilapidating epigraphs which needs immediate attention and about closures of Tamil chairs in Europe.(I had mentioned about this in one of my earlier blogs..)!

Let me end now by signing AU REVOIR!!Protégez le Tamil !!

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sophie said... tanglish is in fashion....i hope u know wat it is

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